A picture is worth a thousand words. The picture shown above is only one of millions of pictures of homeless pets.  

Fixing the growing problem of overpopulation which leads to disease, neglect, unwanted pets, abandonment, and euthanasia, starts at home.

Please be a responsible pet guardian and have your pet fixed.   

Kiara is one of the millions of pets that end up in shelters each year.  

She was scheduled to be euthanized in July 2015 with no hope for adoption until her rescue by the SCVVC.

Kiara's story now has a happy ending ... or rather a wonderful new beginning!

Follow Kiara on Facebook - An amazing dog with a beautiful soul whose primary goal is to serve ... and that is exactly what her SEARCH & RESCUE training is enabling her to do.  The "Rescue" who will in turn be doing the "Rescuing".

Please adopt a pet - a "forever friend" - from a shelter.

​​Microchips save lives. They play an essential role in successfully reuniting lost pets with their families.

Although it is mandatory In many cities to have your pet microchipped, it is definitely the best step you can take to help ensure the return of a lost pet.   

No matter how it is stated or how many times it is said, "microchipping provides pet owners with the best chance possible of achieving a safe return of a lost pet".  


About Kiara

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"Helping Protect Pets & People"

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​​​​The SCVVC is a Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to saving lives and improving pet and wild animal health, safety, and welfare.

The SCVVC's MUTT MEDICS mobile unit is "On the Road Saving Lives", traveling to many communities providing low-cost and free veterinary care, pet socialization and behavioral rehabilitation, animal rescue, adoption assistance, and emergency disaster relief.   

Our many years of partnerships with multiple cities, departments of animal services, private organizations and individuals, have enabled us to reach out to thousands of people, providing services which create a greater chance for pets to have forever homes with their guardian families.

Our Mutt Medics mobile unit provides services such as free and low-cost spaying, neutering, microchipping, internal & external parasite control, treatment of skin, ear, eye and teeth infections, and other important health care.  We promote responsible pet ownership through education, and we provide much needed health care services which help keep pets healthy and families safe.

Our program's roots center around the growth of communication and education, which are the keys to a better world for pets and their families.  We reach out to people of diverse backgrounds in many communities, providing such vital education, broadening public awareness, and inspiring the public to become proactive in important animal-related issues.

Resolving ongoing and serious problems of pet over-population, abandoned and surrendered animals, abuse, neglect, and unnecessary euthansias are the driving force behind our team's passion and dedication.  We pursue our mission, doing what we can, where we can, and when we can, to help put an end to needless suffering and to make positive difference in the lives of so many pets and their families.    ​


OVER-POPULATION of pets is the #1 KILLER of pets.  Help us eliminate needless abandonment and euthanasia.  Practice responsible pet guardianship ...  "SAVE A LIFE ... SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR PET"! 

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